Customer Relationship Management is one of the most popular use-cases for Podio.

We work with a blend of native Podio features and third party tools to create rich and powerful CRM systems. These can be extended to create documentation, send emails and incorporate electronic signatures.

Pro tip: Use a Podio web form to channel new enquiries directly into your app. If you need an even more powerful form, other web-based options can be integrated too.

Human Resources

The chances are that your people are your business's most important asset. Let's hope they're up there, anyway!

Podio can be used to support a variety of HR functions, from staff databases and appraisal systems, to holiday management - complete with a built-in approval workflow.

Pro-tip: Use Podio's 'Share item' facility to share discrete items of information with a staff member, while keeping your HR workspace locked down and secure.

Project Management

Agile project management requires an open, collaborative and versatile platform.

Podio has simple yet powerful features to facilitate great project management, including a kanban style card layout, the ability to relate deliverables to a parent project, and versatile filtering tools.

Pro tip: Use a customised reference badge to summarise the progress of features, from within a sprint.

Document Management

Both document creation and management can be handled in Podio.

Reference apps allow attachments to be stored, categorised and tagged. Or link directly to live versions of files by integrating with a service such as ShareFile, DropBox or Google Drive.

Pro tip: We can automate the creation of standard documents by building and attaching a PDF based on the item's contents.

R.I.P Email

Kill off internal email and attachments in favour of transparent, logical and mindful collaboration.

Group emails lose their context too easily; they get buried in a pile of competing emails and never end up where they truly belong. As for attachments - remind me, which version of the spreadsheet should I be looking at?

Pro tip: Forward emails to the activity stream, app or item of your choice using Podio's 'Email to...' feature - or set up a mail rule to do it for you!

Electronic Signatures

Podio might not be first in the search results for 'e-signatures', but it's well within the realms of possibility to incorporate this into a Podio workflow.

We can integrate with RightSignature to build workflows that progress seamlessly. You end up with signed and certified documentation that parks itself right back in Podio against the relevant app item. 


The concept of a workforce being based exclusively in one location is now almost extinct; an organisation may have numerous offices, or have a predominantly home-based team…or any iteration in-between.

Using Podio as your intranet creates a place for everyone to communicate and run basic business processes with ease. Work is aligned and coordination improved, while knowledge sharing between colleagues becomes natural and fun, increasing both employee satisfaction and dedication.