Webform Reform

Those of you who are already entrenched in Planet Podio may have spotted that this week, Podio webforms got a makeover.

Actually, it goes a bit deeper than that; they've been re-engineered from the ground up and this release bundles together a few neat changes that we think you'll love.


Our favourite highlight is the fact that Podio have included a range of new themes that are aligned with the Bootstrap responsive design framework. This is pretty cool and it drags Podio webforms kicking and screaming into 2016. We wonder if in due course we'll see elements of Google's Material Design making an appearance?

The changes are summarised below, but please head over to Podio's own blog for a more in depth exploration of the new updates.

  • Email and phone field: now supported by webforms
  • Relationship fields: select multiple items, search, no more 300 item limit, can be configured to create a new item instead of selecting one
  • Structured location field: now supported by webforms, both single line and structured format
  • New theming: added brand-new, modern themes for you to choose from
  • Help text: more prominent to help people fill out forms correctly

One thing we'd like to see tweaked, is to allow us to set the default setting for the email field to something other than 'Other'. We'll put in a request for that and will see what happens.

A side-effect of the updates is that we've temporarily had to take our own Webform Styler tool offline. This free tool gives you a click and drag interface for building your own custom CSS, which you can then copy and paste into your own webform. It will be back soon!