Oval's Podio toolbox - the relaunch

We first launched our Podio toolbox a couple of years ago, providing users with some handy add-on tools relating to mapping, timeline tracking, and webform styling. These have been very well used ever since, and we still get new messages telling us how effective and handy they are.

Not ones to rest on our laurels though, we’ve been spending some time making the interface and tools better than ever. We’ve listened to what users have said – both positive and negative – and have ironed out some annoying bugs, added much-requested functionality, and made some design updates too.

The mapping tool is now able to use a category field to differentiate map pins using colour; so, for example, if you want to show all your superstore locations as red pins, and your megastores in blue, you can! We’ve also added the ability to choose an app view, and just display the pins/locations used within it – really helpful if you have heaps of data, or if you need to show certain locations to certain audiences.

The Gantt tool has undergone a number of bug fixes, making it even more useful than before. Being able to view project progress from Podio in this visual way is still as useful as ever.

The webform styler remains an old favourite – if you’re looking for an intuitive, simple way to customise your webforms, then you need look no further.

As always, these tools are absolutely free to use; in return, we’d love to hear your feedback on them, whether you love them or hate them (although we hope it’s love….).

You can access the Toolbox here.