We *heart* Podio

We talk about Podio a lot – we are a preferred partner, and use it at work to manage everything from projects and CRM, to annual leave and team outings. It’s safe to say that we are big fans, and would be lost without it.

Many of us have ‘favourite’ features that make our lives infinitely easier and, for some, the love and appreciation extends beyond the workplace. We thought you might like an insight into why the love affair continues….

“The ability to tag people in comments and items is brilliant, and then being able to keep an ensuing conversation in one place (the comments stream), has made life so much easier than when we simply received millions of emails. There is no way I want to go back to those days!” Doug, software developer

“I like being able to @ mention a whole workspace in one hit. It’s the quickest way to get everyone’s attention.” Adam, software developer

“Managing projects, progress and everything else in-between centrally, it’s an excellent tool for a disparate workforce to enable engagement and encourage teamwork and a feeling of being part of something. All that and it still manages to eliminate 90% of email.” Katie, Business Development Director

“I like the collaboration (or ‘togetherness’) it provides to groups who do not necessarily work with, or even live near, each other. Outside of work, I use Podio as part of a charity group so we can discuss and plan events, and the running of the charity, which reduces the frequency of when we need to meet in person, and also reduces the likelihood of someone being left off an email chain. The comprehensive API also really helps when you want to show data to external users via, for example, the charity’s website. And to top it all, the simple layout and ease of app building is great even for the less computer literate users.” Alex, software tester

“I’d never used anything like Podio before I joined Oval, but I’m a complete convert. Honestly, I’ve reached a point of being unable to think of a group, organisation or company that wouldn’t benefit from using it. Obviously I use it day-to-day in the office, but I’ve also set up a workspace to organise my home life. I’ve got all my contacts’ addresses and birthdays in there, I have an app for holiday planning, one that I share with some friends where we leave book reviews, another one for financials….I could go on. The fact it’s so easy to view – on my phone or iPad – wherever I am (yes, I check my phone a lot, I’m one of ‘those’!), is another massive plus.” Victoria, Marketing Manager

“I love the way photos work via the mobile app. If you take a photo it appears instantly in your Podio item or status update with no need to sync, plug anything in, or faff around. Very clever.” Adrian, Managing Director

“In my opinion, the app builder is Podio’s best feature. I can set something up exactly as I want it, and it takes me minutes to do it. The outcome is that I have complete control over my work. As well as that, I like being able to keep track of collaborative projects that I’m working on with colleagues based in our other offices; not just progress, but outstanding tasks, even when that person isn’t in the office.” Martin, Technical Director