New power + a better overview of connected items

The industrious folks at Podio have just released a real gem of a feature. We hope this post helps to do justice to the awesome power of this new feature. In our view, the new ‘custom reference badges’ represent a major and positive step up in functionality. Here’s why…

One of Podio’s strengths has always been the way that you can link apps together, easily. Whether it’s linking contacts to your prospects, features to your sprints or deliverables to your projects. However, it was often necessary to drill down into the related item in order to retrieve more detailed information about it. That means more clicks and a slightly jarring, or at least less useful experience for the user.

Now that has all changed. The custom reference badges allow for more information to be ‘surfaced’ in the app item that you’re viewing, negating the need to burrow for further details. This also has the effect of creatinga kind of report card, showing the status of the related item.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I know real-world examples are always helpful when talking about software features, so here are a couple of a great use cases:

Leave (vacation) approval system

Here at Oval, we use Podio to handle our leave requests, leave calendar and overall annual leave tracking. The system comprises two apps – one is for leave requests, while the other stores profiles for each user with a running record of how much leave they’ve taken, and what their remaining entitlement is. With the new custom badge options, we can surface the leave profile and display it within a request. This provides a superior user experience, as the requester can now see their key profile details displayed right at the heart of the request. As a result, the system is so much more powerful. The difference is significant.

Agile project management system

Like many application development houses, we use a system of Sprints and Features to group the work that we do into meaningful tranches. With the new badges, it’s possible to view a sprint and have it display the status and progress of the related features in context, in a meaningful and semi-graphical way. It also means that the project manager can view critical information without having to click into each and every feature.

We encourage our existing and future clients to contact us if you’d like to arrange a quick audit of your applications to assess how this and other recent features can enhance the power of your Podio estate.

Read about this on the Podio blog: