Oval’s Podio maps tool improved and relaunched as ‘Landmark for Podio’


We're delighted to announce that our hugely popular Podio mapping tool has been relaunched in a bigger, better, and more useful form than ever before.

We have retained the ability to use the platform cost-free, for the basic – but supremely useful – mapping functionality offered previously.

In addition, we are now offering a competitively priced premium account that allows user access to a wide range of exciting new features, including:

  • Sharing maps with other users
  • Choice of a range of themes and transitions
  • Increased plotting capability, of up to 10 000 items
  • Ability to embed maps within your own website
  • Save maps

As you would expect, the user experience is both elegant and user-friendly. The existing website for the tool has been retired, and you can now find it at https://landmarkmaps.io/

As before, users are able to log in with their Podio account, negating the need for yet another set of credentials. Please take a look around; we would love to hear your feedback!

GlobiMail aims higher - and hits the mark

Podio is a great platform for organising and collaborating on internal projects. It's also really good for working with people outside of your organisation...but for one thing (one BIG thing): not everybody 'gets it'. It's inevitably frustrating when you know you have an awesome way of centrally sharing information and communicating about your project, yet clients, partners or suppliers will often revert back to the comfort of the lowest common denominator - and that's good old email.

Let's not dive too deep into the reasons why this happens, suffice to say that, just because Podio is important to you, it doesn't mean it's important to them. I know! ("what, you mean the world doesn't revolve around my business?").

So, you're back to managing email as best you can. Traditionally, that has meant copying and pasting emails into the comments thread in Podio, setting up 'email to item' rules, or using the somewhat idiosyncratic earlier version of GlobiMail. Many folks just couldn't get along with it, and it felt like trying to plug a major feature gap in Podio, with... well, something too small, the wrong shape, and not quite fit-for-purpose.

That has emphatically changed, with the latest upgrades to GlobiMail. The product management team has now added the ability to compose new email messages to Podio contacts and replies to incoming emails, directly in the browser. This removes the need for mailto links opening the default client, and keeps users focused in their current context (though you do have the choice to launch your chosen mail client).

Furthermore, they have also added the ability to create boilerplate canned responses, allowing you to answer emails with complex common responses with three clicks. It couldn't get any simpler.

Needless to say, the folks at GlobiMail are keen for you to go back and give the revised version a try. We would concur that it's well worthwhile, and could be a much-needed panacea to the malaise of mail-less Podio.


Globiflow joins the Citrix family


Earlier this month, we heard the news that Globiflow is now officially part of the Citrix family. Built in 2013, Globiflow uses a combination of new technology and the Podio API to automate business processes, allowing users to spend less time updating documents and more time providing value to their customers. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Globiflow, check out their website to learn more. Globiflow offers advanced workflow automation of business processes within Podio, and includes features such as email integration, data visualization and PDF creation. Globiflow can help you boost productivity and save time automating almost any process you can imagine.

We've long been advocates of its capabilities, and use it a lot both internally at when rolling out client systems. Globiflow will now be included in Podio's premium package; drop us a line if you'd like to find out more.